where my sister lives



My sister left at the end of last month to hike the Arizona Trail and then the CDT. In 2013 she hiked the AT and in 2015 the PCT. Every leaving and returning and adventure makes her mourn and rejoice and buzz. She is strong and smart and unique and tall and beautiful.

Watching her travel is one of my favorite things. Every homecoming is like meeting a new version of the sister that left, though in a soft and sweet way. She only comes home more herself.

She is an inspiration and a burden to love.

And I do.


The pictures are unedited scans of some of my first mashups. It bothers me a bit LOT that the second one is crooked like that. As of now my computer doesn’t have any kind of photo editing program to fix that or play around with levels/saturation/etc to make these look their very best (I really want to adjust the first one).

The tra iler photo was taken in Northern New York in early 2015. The background of the first piece is Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park from a family vacation in 2013. The clearing and trees in the second piece is somewhere in NY’s Adirondacks in 2013.


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